Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Interior Vastu helps corrections without demolition

In India on one hand indian Vedic Vastu Shastra stresses upon having proper Vastu friendly interior and on the other hand Fengshui (Chinese art of positioning & placement of different objects & items to boost the positive CHI (Energy) helps us through interior decoration, colours, aroma, salt, mirrors etc. to facilitate ‘Vastu Corrections Without Demolition”. 

Therefore interior of a house, interior of a factory or other commercial areas can be made Vastu oriented without any unwanted construction or demolition.  Thanks to the new art of Fengshui which is ancient chinese design philosophy. When you care enough to change your future, you care enough to read more about ‘vastu corrections’. Most ‘Vastu for Interior’ principles are based on common sense, so be prepared to clear' and create before you add anything to the internal built of the building. The anti vastu setting always laments upon the bad luck & grieves and certainly looks indecent.Therefore avoid using anything that looks to be painful or ugly. The entire essence of ‘Vastu for Interior’ is hidden behind this concept. Vastu covers every thing like positioning & placement of sofa set, bed, almirah having valuables, dining table, kitchen & kitchen appliances, study table, paintings, internal texture, starry or normal ceilings, built, form, features, shape, multiple paints & colours for interiors, ceiling designs, wall designs, false ceiling work that includes corners, niches, walls and ceiling inlay and outlay artwork, shelves, borders, concealed lights, fancy lights, chandeliers, false impact lights, curtains, focus lights, chairs, sofa, tables, central tables, dining table, beds, back-wall features, niches, focus lights, wall drawings etc.

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