Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Basics of Interior designing & decoration

Interior designing & decoration is a vast term used to define the internal serenity of a house, office, room, industry or similar other premises. Vastu consultant suggests to set an interior according to Vastu tenets that includes internal texture, starry or normal ceilings, built, form, features, shape, multiple paints & colours for interiors, ceiling designs, wall designs, false ceiling work that includes corners, niches, walls and ceiling inlay and outlay artwork, shelves, 

borders, concealed lights, fancy lights, chandeliers, false impact lights, curtains, focus lights, chairs, sofa, tables, central tables, dining table, beds, back-wall features, niches, focus lights, wall drawings etc. Truthfully speaking, a good interior is nothing but a melody of ‘tune’ that does not speak of itself but says everything silently about the choice, status, culture & mental set-up of the family residing inside the house or the business owner running the business of this premises. Hence, by having a glance on the interior, everyone can easily make out the standard of the owner/s. Alongwith the above, vastu friendly interior helps us to creat an environment inside the premises that is filling the entire interior with positive vibes, required to attain good health, wealth and harmony.

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